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19.2W LEP Demo Kit

19.2W LEP Demo Kit

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Important Notice:

We need 3-5 working days to send out the demo kit to our logistic partner because every kit is custom-made.

1-LEP Module Product Specifications:


950 Lumens@4A

950 Candela/mm2


Beam half angle=34º


2-Optical Performance:

⌀ 27 mm:[466,330Candela][0.25Lux@1,365meters]

⌀ 38 mm:[966,980Candela][0.25Lux@1,967meters]

⌀ 55 mm:[2,017,536Candela][0.25Lux@2,841meters]

⌀ 30+26 mm: Beam angle 3.1º-15.7º



3-Demo Kit Includes:

(1)An LEP module; (2)A heat sink; (3)PCB driver; (4)Power adapter; (5)On-off switch connector.

4-Extra Files for product development support:

(1)Optics-Technical Specifications;

(2)STP file of LEP module and lenses;

(3)Ray file;

(4)Lens assembling drawings.

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